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Orthopedic and Physical Therapy Care

Expert Care for Accident and Work Injuries

Offering specialized orthopedic and physical therapy services for individuals injured in road accidents or at work, supporting their full recovery journey.

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Our platforms

Who We Serve

Supporting a Diverse Range of Clients

At AMHI, we are committed to providing specialized care and support for a variety of individuals and professionals involved in the recovery and management of injury cases.

who we serve

Injured Individuals

Offering comprehensive orthopedic and physical therapy services for those injured in road accidents or at work.

who we serve

Legal Professionals

Assisting lawyers handling road accident cases and workers' compensation claims with essential medical insights.

who we serve

Insurance Adjusters and Payers

Collaborating with adjusters and payers to streamline the claims process and ensure effective treatment for patients.

who we serve

Nursing Homes

Providing nursing homes with necessary pharmacy services and durable medical equipment for quality resident care.

About AMHI

Your Partner in Healthcare and Recovery

AMHI stands at the forefront of providing integrated medical care, including orthopedic, physical therapy, and pharmacy services. We cater to individuals injured in road accidents and at work, aligning our services with the needs of legal and insurance professionals, and nursing homes. Our comprehensive approach ensures high-quality care and effective support for all involved.

  • Integrated Medical Services

    Expert orthopedic and physical therapy care for injury recovery.

  • Legal and Insurance Expertise

    Collaborative support for professionals handling injury cases.

  • Pharmacy and Equipment for Nursing Homes

    Reliable supply of medications and medical equipment for nursing home residents.

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Comprehensive Care for Injury Recovery and Support

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Orthopedic and Physical Therapy

Specialized treatment for patients recovering from road accidents and work-related injuries, facilitating effective recovery.

Orthopedic and Physical Therapy
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Legal and Insurance Collaboration

Assisting road accident and workers' comp lawyers, adjusters, and payers with medical expertise and support.

Legal and Insurance Collaboration
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Support for Nursing Homes

Providing nursing homes with essential pharmacy services and durable medical equipment to enhance resident care.

Support for Nursing Homes
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